Tux 4/1/07

I was planning on GOS today because the reports coming out of the Ravine lately sounded crusty,  but… when I got to Pinkham I was hearing good things for today, and possible poor weather for the near future.  I changed my plans and headed for the ravine. (red line is my my approximate run down The Lip)

The boot ladder was backed up, and Lunch Rocks were abuzz.

Above the lip:

The Sherburne looked like this sometimes.

And like this most of the time, but it still beat walking all the way down

A very nice day to be up there, almost bluebird, and creamy corn.  I met David Howland, and Bladegirl + Bladeguy.  3 more faces to place on people I know from the internet.  I only had time for one run (it wasn’t as clean as I would have liked it to have been, Gotta Remember: Keep those Knees Bent!)  Hopefully there’ll be more Tuckerman turns to come this year.

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