Carrigain 6/30/07

Mt Carrigain – 4680′
Signal Ridge Trail from Sawyer River Road.
I had hiked this mountain before from the Desolation Trail (back when the shelter was there) but I had not approached the mountain from this side before.  The weater was perfect and the views were great.  I saw a ton of Snakes and Huge Brown Toads. I must have almost stepped on a dozen snakes on the way up.
The GPS odometer read 10.6 miles round trip at the end of the hike.
Time to Points:
Sawyer River Road to Summit:2:04
Back to Sawyer River Road:3:48

On the north side of the ridge, about a half mile before the summit, looking towards Vose Spur and Carrigain notch, I couldn’t help but notice there was a steep open slope that had the right exposure for some tasty BC turns.  I lost my Goodmans book so I’m not sure if its mentioned in it.  I marked it on my GPS because I definitely want to check this out in the winter.  If any one has any experience sliding up here please share it.

Looking at that ridge from the Summit.  Notice, only trees on the south side.

I had forgot about the tower on top, its  such a random place to put an ugly steel tower, IMO it detracts more than it adds to the mountain. Nevertheless I used It and took a series of shots 360 degrees, that I hope to make a panoramic out of.  I’ll add it when I make it.
I had spotted this pool  about a 1/4 mile in on the way, up and planned on taking a dip in it on the way back.  We did, and the cold water felt so good on our tired legs, and the mosquitos appreciated the meal while we soaked.

Back at the parking lot I had to take a pic of this wacky tree.  It was still alive and healthy looking!

On the way home we could not resist stopping at the rest area on 93 south in Sanbornton for some bouldering.  There is a lunge move there that I have been trying to stick for a few years, and I still havent stuck it. Granted I’ve never tried it with climbing shoes on, only trail runners, and hiking boots.  Maybe Next Week.
Next Hike: Garfield, Galehead, and the Twins.

Osceola 6/23/07

Osceola – 4340′            East Osceola – 4156′

It was a chilly morning in the Whites today, I even heard reports of snow on the rockpile.  No snow where we were, just visible breath.  The higher elevations were in and out of the clouds, and very windy.
We made very good time for a group of 4 varying in ages. 2 Hours and 54 mins round trip.
Times to points:
Tripoli Rd to summit 1:11
at East Summit 1:38
back at main Summit 2:00
Back at Tripoli Rd 2:54

Typical trail conditions.  Moderate grades.

Looking over to the East summit from primary summit


The east summit marked by a small Cairn

There is an interesting steep “chimney climb” section descending to the col between the two summits, it can be avoided, but scrambling up and down is much more fun than the Detour.

And ……Looking through the clouds at the most prominent thing on my Back Country Snowboarding To-Do List.
North Slide of Tripyramid
Next Hike: 4th of July

Paddle Paddle and more Paddle

There has been a low pressure system spinning off the coast of new England for the last week.  There has been swell almost everyday.  I got out for some surf on On Weds, Fri, and today (sat)  It was pretty good I didn’t bring a camera into the sea with me but heres a couple pics of conditions.
When I got home today, I was dead tired, terminally rashed from paddling and sunburnt.  But, my wife wanted to go Kayaking, and I never say no to a chance for more adventure (especially to Emily.)  We had already gone earlier in the week for a paddle on the Piscataqua River Just north of Manchester, and today we went to Clough State Park.  Clough is located in a Army Corp of Engineers Flood Control Area and It has been closed for the last two years from the flooding.  We had to carry our sea Kayaks in about a 1/2 mile from the locked gate to the launch.  The GPS tracks and pictures show the two adventures. Piscataqua
If you look at these pics you can see that the bottom half of the trees are discolored, thats how high the water in this area was from the recent flooding.  Last May (2006) it was Ten Feet higher than that .