Paddle Paddle and more Paddle

There has been a low pressure system spinning off the coast of new England for the last week.  There has been swell almost everyday.  I got out for some surf on On Weds, Fri, and today (sat)  It was pretty good I didn’t bring a camera into the sea with me but heres a couple pics of conditions.
When I got home today, I was dead tired, terminally rashed from paddling and sunburnt.  But, my wife wanted to go Kayaking, and I never say no to a chance for more adventure (especially to Emily.)  We had already gone earlier in the week for a paddle on the Piscataqua River Just north of Manchester, and today we went to Clough State Park.  Clough is located in a Army Corp of Engineers Flood Control Area and It has been closed for the last two years from the flooding.  We had to carry our sea Kayaks in about a 1/2 mile from the locked gate to the launch.  The GPS tracks and pictures show the two adventures. Piscataqua
If you look at these pics you can see that the bottom half of the trees are discolored, thats how high the water in this area was from the recent flooding.  Last May (2006) it was Ten Feet higher than that .

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