20 Mile Loop 7/7/07

About a mile up the trail, both my friend and I realized he left his Digi Cam in the car.

and he has a good camera too, so for once I thought I was gonna be able to post some good pics, but, No!
So the only image for this report is of my GPS tracks.  Sorry.

My visiting friend from RI is a marathon runner, and I am only a 10K runner, but I hike alot more than him, so I was curious to see how well his training program had prepared him for hiking.  We both kept up a similar pace until we hit Twinway.  The 1100 ft elevation gain in .8 miles totally kicked my butt.  Trying to keep up with him, I totally over exerted myself.  By the time I got to the top my head was pounding, and my face was very red.  After a 5 min rest, a cliff bar, and some hydration I was good to go again.  Later while descending the Gale river trail the chinks in his armor became evident. We came to the conclusion that running may give you the stamina you need for hiking, but it does not prepare you for the twisting, and turning, and lateral movement that your body is subject to while hiking.

We put down some pretty good times:
At Garfield Trail head parking: 8:55am
Garfield Summit:10:45am
Galehead Hut: 11:45am ( Hung out at hut and ate until 12:30pm)
Galehead Summit:12:43pm
Back at Hut:1:00pm
Back at S. Twin: 2:48pm
Back at Hut again:3:10pm
Gale River Trailhead Parking:4:57pm
Walk baked on road baack to Garfield trail head:5:25pm

My intent is not to brag about trip times.  I realize that there are plenty of people out there faster than me. I consider myself a moderatly fit hiker, nothing more nothing less.  I post my hike times because I have been frustrated in the past, trying to research how long to expect on trips if you are a fit hiker.  The AMC book times are total rubbish.

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