Wildcat Ridge

Wildcat Ridge Summits E-A
48 4K’ers=Wildcat A – 4422′, Wildcat D – 4050′

GPS Odometer=8.45 miles
Time=4hrs 45min (about 20 mins at Hut,+ 20 mins of bouldering included)

The climb up Widcat E is a Killer.  This is the only trail in the Whites that I have over exerted myself so badly on, that I actually had to turn around after vomiting a few times.  On that trip I felt better by the time I had got back to the notch, and re-started the same hike from the opposite direction (A-E). Well, that was back in May 1998 and this is now.  Still having that defeat eating at me, nearly 10 years later I was ready to tackle it again.
Heres looking back at the car after about a 1/4 mile up E

We could not resist jumping the “bottomless” 10′ gap between these cliffs Shocked.

The climb up the E Summit requires hands and Feet in Many Places.  Once you get to the summit of Wildcat E, its prettymuch just one foot in front of the other hiking.
Wildcat E Summit Area:

After the E Summit you come to the D Summit which is the the Top of the Ski Area.  I hate comming out of the Woods and being greeted by people who just stepped off a Gondola.  All the Steel structures are not my favorite either, but none the less the view from the observation platforum was great.  I took the oppurtunity to snap a pic of a cloudshielded TUX:

and Another Great BC Ski spot, Mount Doublehead:

The next 2 miles of the Hike is up and down C B and A  This pic was either C, or B Summit, (I think it was B):

Wildcat A has a great view from the Summit,  This pic is looking straight down at the Carter Notch Hut.

We stopped at the Hut for some cherry cobbler, and H2O and then we beat feet down the the Nineteen Mile Brook Trail, which I dont get the name, because from where the brook starts, its only about 3 1/2 miles to the Peabody River .  This trail is very gradual and pretty, but the trailhead was about 4 1/2 miles back to our car.  Thanks to a couple in a pick-up truck we didn’t have to hoof it.

Mt Eisenhower 9/8/07

Mt Eisenhower – 4761′
via Edmunds Path

GPS read: 6.12 miles round trip

This hike was Emily’s annual 4K peak.

Weather Conditions were warm and overcast.  The forecast called for pottential thunder storms.  Going above tree line with that kind of forecast is kind of like playing with fire, but thankfully the storms held off until an hour after we got back to the trailhead.  Temps were the warmest I’ve have ever encountered on a Presidential Summit.  The summit of Eisenhower was pretty but we didn’t stay long due to some obnoxious guys hanging out.  One of them is in the summit pic.

On the way up we passed a couple carrying a flag and flag pole.  He had the flag pole strapped to his back in two pieces like we would carry skis, from far away I thought they were .  I asked them what they were doing and he said that: Every year on the Saturday before 9/11 they set up a Flag on every one of the Presidentials as a memorial.  I thought that was neat.

Red Pond, the small pond in the Col of Mt Eisenhower was almost completly dried up

This is how it normally looks.   (Pic From hikethewhites.com)

We definitely need rain up here in NH.  In some parts of the state no rain has fallen in a month.
Heres some othe pics from above treeline.  I can’t wait until its all white!

The Edmunds Path is a pretty easy trail (It looked completely skinnable with enough snow).  Its only about 3 miles to the jct with the Crawford path at Red Pond, the first 3/4 mile is practically flat. Then from the jct  its not very far to the summit, less than 1/2 a mile.  Distance wise its very similar to a 5k.

I leave for Fort Worth monday morning for a training seminar and I wont be back until Thursday.  Hopefully I can find some adventure while in Texas.