Local Powerline Turns 1/16/08

I drive by these powerlines on my way home from work everyday.

This year, the power company came through and cut all the underbrush, making it look more like a ski slope.  For some reason the base we had before the thaw, melted everywhere that there was woods, but did not melt-off on open slopes, and fields.  So unlike the gladed areas I usually enjoy this spot still had a base under mondays fresh (and still fluffy) pow.
I caught a cold and was sick today, but fueled by cough syrup I dragged myself up for a run.  This is the first time I’ve slid up here, I’ll definetly go back when I feel better.

Theres even a perfect spot to build a kicker where it flattens out, and then drops off again.

at the bottom of the second steeper section

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