Ragged 2/16/08

I went skiing with Emily this weekend at Ragged, and stayed at a nearby bed and breakfast.   We stayed at The Highland Inn in East Andover.    The place had a great homey atmosphere and cool resident dogs.  We drove by proctor a few times and I was intrigued by the small ski area right across the street. When ever I had drove by it in the past nothing was operating, so I figured it was a lost ski area. There was tons of kids there today racing. Tommy T, I remember you said your son went there, do you know if that area is owned by the school?  Anywho my wife doesn’t ski very often, and tends to stick to the bunny slopes, and I really wanted to stay with her today and still be chalenged a little, so I figured it would be a perfect day to brush up on my tele skills. My gear I own is older and I dont own a pair of tele boots at the moment, so I rented from EMS. I hadn’t free heeled for prolly at least 5 years, so the bunny slope was a good place to start for me too.  The biggest distraction in the beginners area for me was I kept finding myself teaching kids how to snowboard.  They look at you kind of funny though when your on what they think are cross country skis.
By 2:30 my wife was tuckered out so I took the free time left to make some more challenging full mountain runs.  I went to ragged on christmas day, but this was the first day I had been there since they were in full operation under the new management.  Definite Kudos to the new management, the Ragged Experience is much improved.  Also, I couldn’t believe how much telegear had progressed the last few years. Everything was so much easier to use and turn on then the stuff I used to use.   I had forgot just how addicting tele turns are!

Ragged (bunny slope)Tele turns:

Sherbie 2/9/08

To start, I’ll just say the sherbie was pretty awesome today.  About 8″ of fresh fluff with not to many tracks yet.

I left my house at 5:30 and was on the TRT by 9:30 with my friends.  I’m not sure how quick we made it to hojos, but we made pretty good time.

Tux looked awesome!

We originally wanted to go into the bowl today, but the avalanche board had everything posted at considerable.  When I dug a hasty pit I didn’t even need to check the compression to decide that I wasn’t going to slide tux today.  There was an obvious weak layer.  The powderful sherbie wasn’t a bad consolation prize.

Jay 2/8/08

I just got home from redeeming my lift ticket I received for buying $5 dollars of Jello at Shaws. Definetly the Best $5 lift ticket I’ve bought in a while.
I left my house at 5:30 this mourning and car pooled with a friend up to Jay, the roads were pretty slick all the way up, but we were on the Tram by 9:30.   They had about 6 inches of fresh from last night, and the glades had another 6 from yesterday.  Some of the lesser known glades were totally untracked with a foot of pow!  All day we slid, and not once rode a groomer top to bottom. Every run was in the trees.  One run I got a little to far out of bounds to skiiers right near timbuktoo and had to make a long and very tiring traverse back to the lift.  It wasnt as bad as this though:
 That message was posted multiple places around the ski area. Poor guys.

I also noticed this new sign:

I think its pretty cheesy.  Everything needs a little maintenace sometimes.  The guys that made “the scar” were just morons.
I’ll post some vid later, but I need to get some sleep.   Tommorow we are doing the Sherbie, and maybe more depending on conditions. (tux?, hillmans?)   Maybe I’ll see Dave up there.
Heres one pic for now. (sorry it isnt great. Undecided )

Snow Pond Lost Ski Area 2/8/08

Snow Pond Ski Area
Kibby Slopes
East Concord, NH
1950’s – Late 1970’s
Last year I put this lost ski area on the to do list, but conditions never became favorable.  Its only a 1/2 hour from home for me, and after scrapping Sugarbush plans, I needed some turns.  Yesterday we got a couple inches of snow which by the end of the weather event was the consistency of a sno-cone. I made 5 top to bottom runs on the mountain, and a few times I just hiked up little sections that looked fun.
My GPS tracks:

The best way up to the top was the old ski tow trail which had been well packed by snowmobiles.

There was still lots of ski tow relics
Ski tow on Lookers left:

Ski Tow on Lookers Right

The inside:

This trail left the summit to the skiers right.  From the way it looked, I’m pretty sure this must have been a ski jump.  The ride down was steep and narrow.


This is the trail that left the Summit to the skiiers left.  It was a pretty fun ride, and by far the best and longest run on the Mountain.  
It had a snowmobile track up the middle, but there was plenty of untracked stuff on the sides.

The Bottom of the Ski Area Has a power line that runs perpendicular to the slope.  There were a few spots that were really nice and steep, and well cleared.

I didn’t park directly below the old ski area because there are homes in the area.  I parked down the road about a 1/4 mile and hiked in on the Power line.  There is a water tower at the Top of the hill that is accessed from the back side.  I did not see any signs that restricted use, in fact the area had a snowmobile trail through it that was sanctioned by the state.  I had alot of fun today up there despite the lack luster conditions.  This little hill was only a few hudred feet vertical, but had alot of good terrain in the small package.  I definitely felt it was worth the trip!