Snow Pond Lost Ski Area 2/8/08

Snow Pond Ski Area
Kibby Slopes
East Concord, NH
1950’s – Late 1970’s
Last year I put this lost ski area on the to do list, but conditions never became favorable.  Its only a 1/2 hour from home for me, and after scrapping Sugarbush plans, I needed some turns.  Yesterday we got a couple inches of snow which by the end of the weather event was the consistency of a sno-cone. I made 5 top to bottom runs on the mountain, and a few times I just hiked up little sections that looked fun.
My GPS tracks:

The best way up to the top was the old ski tow trail which had been well packed by snowmobiles.

There was still lots of ski tow relics
Ski tow on Lookers left:

Ski Tow on Lookers Right

The inside:

This trail left the summit to the skiers right.  From the way it looked, I’m pretty sure this must have been a ski jump.  The ride down was steep and narrow.


This is the trail that left the Summit to the skiiers left.  It was a pretty fun ride, and by far the best and longest run on the Mountain.  
It had a snowmobile track up the middle, but there was plenty of untracked stuff on the sides.

The Bottom of the Ski Area Has a power line that runs perpendicular to the slope.  There were a few spots that were really nice and steep, and well cleared.

I didn’t park directly below the old ski area because there are homes in the area.  I parked down the road about a 1/4 mile and hiked in on the Power line.  There is a water tower at the Top of the hill that is accessed from the back side.  I did not see any signs that restricted use, in fact the area had a snowmobile trail through it that was sanctioned by the state.  I had alot of fun today up there despite the lack luster conditions.  This little hill was only a few hudred feet vertical, but had alot of good terrain in the small package.  I definitely felt it was worth the trip!

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