Cemetery Poach

This cemetery is near my house, and is located on very large slope.  I’ve wanted to slide it for a while but I’ve been looking for the right conditions that don’t leave obvious tracks. The tracks I left today were pretty discreet.  There is a section of the cemetery that has a much longer slope than I rode today but there were people over there.  The slope I rode today was far enough away that they couldnt see me. 
I recently picked up a very small tripod that works pretty slick.  I set it up on a monument half way down the slope, hit record and hiked to the top.  I rode towards the camera, stopped just a little past it, then hiked up to reset it facing down hill for the rest of my run.

My wife didn’t think the idea was too kosher, but I enjoyed the slide. It was like a glade of grave stones.

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