Sugarbush and Chat Noir

This was probably my last lift ticket this season.  Yet another free voucher had to be used up for sugarbush.  I hadn’t got to go alone yet this year, and I really was looking forward to a solo day.  I got there around 10am and things were still a little scratchy from the prior cold night, bbut the temps rose quickly, and the snow creamed up fast.
Conditions at noon

Mt Ellen is now closed for the season so I was confined to the South Mountain, and being alone I didn’t go into Slide Brook at all.  Most of the resort still had good coverage, except for castle rock, which kind of made it even more challenging and fun because you would be flying through the bumps and all of the sudden, have to negotiate a bare spot.  Most of the resort was really quiet, most lift rides I had empty chairs in front and behind me. Few trails had been groomed which also made it more fun.  IMO Good grooming is an oxymoron.  I really had a lot of fun, but by 3:30 my feet were soaked(I guess my boots are not very water proof  ), and my legs were tired from riding slushy bumps so I called it a day.

Castle rock


On my way home my bro in law called me and Asked if I wanted to do guido for prolly the last time this season.  As tired as I was I couldn’t say no.  We started hiking the Mtn. About 6pm and made a run down Chat Noir because it had better coverage than Guido.  As you can see the summit was bare

most of the run was covered with hard snow because it was starting to get dark.  Only down bottom was it really bare in spots.  We made it from the top of the trail to the road with out taking our gear off.  I took my rock board, which was good because there were a lot of rocks I hit, my rock board has become naturally de tuned, and stone ground  so I had a hard time edging on the ice and hard snow.  As you can see there was alot of crud ( pine needles and sticks on the top of the snow which made it interesting.    Heres a few short videos

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