Gulf of Slides 4/18/08

Yesterday was by far the warmest day I’ve skiied on Mt. Washington yet.  Winds were very calm, and temps at PNVC were in the 70’s.  I was supposed to meet up with Powdah and company from TFT, but poor communication and a zoo at PNVC foiled that.  However, Jean who had posted the day before was easy to find.  I waited for a bit for him to get ready and we slow-shoed up the GoS ski trail trying are hardest not to sink in to the very soft snow.

We crossed Gully 3, this slide path that had some pretty impressive damage

looking up the slide path

At the bottom of the Gully 2 Jean and I parted ways and he hiked up this gully.

I continued to main gully

While booting up the ladder I ran into Dave Mingori  who was calling it a day, to go rest up for the inferno.  we chit chatted for a bit and I continued on to to the top where I met and hung out for a bit with Footlong and friend.  They were Great company.
Boot laddder looking down:

Footlong (Don) and Brian:

I took an obligatory wildcat shot and looked to see if I could find jean anywhere and then dropped into a completly lonely main gully and then again except this time there was a large crowd in the gully, a whole 2 other people booting up .

Looking up from 1/2 way down

Buy this point despite spf 35 and polarized goggles I had quite a bit of solar fatigue so I took my run back down on the GoS ski trail.  It sure beat hiking out like was necessary last year.

I may have been the last one to actually be able to ride over the snow bridge on the final stream crossing I kept as much speed as I could and as I rode over it a large piece calved off.  I almost ended up in the drink.

It was a great day for not going to work!
*Note Dave won the Inferno Race the next day!!!

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