Monadnock Hike

GPS Tracks

Trip Stats to summit:

My goal was to make it to the summit in under an hour.  I was just below the summit with two minutes left, and I decided to forsake the trail and just climb up the cliff.

I made it to the summit almost exactly at the one hour mark.  By the time I took the pic of the GPS I was a few seconds late.  When I was in my early 20’s and I lived nearby, I could actually ascend this route in 45 minutes.
Ascending the south side of the mountain is my favorite way up.  I choose to run up the Old Toll Rd intead of the Halfway House Trail, so that I could get a little training in for the MW Road Race. The Old Toll Rd Terminates at the old Halfway House site:

At the Halfway Hose site many trails junction. I took the fastest way to the top,
The White Arrow Trail:

When the White Arrow Trail comes out of the trees there is almost immediately a balcony with a great view: Looking down

and up:

Next stop the summit:

After pushing hard to get to the top, I totally changed gears, and went into relax, and enjoy the view mode. I walked over to the south summit area, and then returned to the summit again.  I waundered around alot above treeline and here are some pics I took.

I injured my pinky finger yesterday playing in a softball game and It was swollen all day today, and it really throbbed when I would get my heart rate up.  Also it kept me from scrambling on some of the cliffs I usually enjoy.

I started descending to the Bald Rock Area, when I noticed that a trail from this area that went back  to the white arrow trail was gone.  I hate how Monadnock State Park over the years has eliminated so many trails!  If you look at an older map, you’ll see what I mean.  So out of spite, I decided not to go to Bald Rock, and find the path instead.  I went out of my way to find the old path and followed it back to the white arrow trail, and then ran back to my car.  It was a great day to be up there.

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