MW Road Race

I headed up to Mount Washington today with my wife to watch the race that I was supposed to be running, haul up jshefftz gear, and hopefully find some snow with in my hiking ability given the recent injury.  We met jshefftz from T4T at 8:45 at the base and I threw his gear on my car and made the ascent.  This is the first time I’ve ever been up the mountain this route. Its the only mapped route I had not ascended the mountain by.  When we got to the summit we had about 1 1/2 hours before we would start to see some runners nearing the finish.  I threw my board on my back, got alot of strange looks, and went to go check out what was left of the snowfields.  There was about a 200 ft long section of snow with lots of rocks poking through. and a little ways down past that another small patch.  That was it.  But I was desperate.  We hiked down and my wife took some pics while I made some turns, and falls.

My run down wasnt pretty, but it was fun and not a bad way to celebrate the first day of summer.  I would have liked to make another but the runners would be approaching soon so we head back up, and made it to the parking lots just as the first two runners were nearing the finish (1hour 39 sec ).  Just shortly after that I ran into djming,  we hung out on the last real steep section of the road for a while and cheered the runners, and watched the suffering.  About a half hour later some where around 1 hour 30 mins jshefftz came stolling up the last brutal section of the course to the finish line.  These are a couple of shots that I took, My wife took some better ones that i’ll post when I get’em off her camera.

After the race jshefftz collected his ski gear, and headed off to Tux for some turns,  there was still alot of snow down there, and I was jealous that I couldn’t go too.
My wife and I hung out near the summit for a bit, all the while almost supersticiously avoiding the summit, because we didnt want to touch it with out earning it.  One notable thing, was that there was hardly any wind up there today. The drive down was interesting and I found that the low gear on my honda was almost perfect, I barely had to brake at all.  Hopefully next year I get picked again for the race, and am able to run.

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