Wasatch and Beyond!

Note: I just got a new camera, and I accidentally reformatted my card half way through our trip, and have not been able to recover anything yet, so most of the first half of my trip is missing photos. My photo Links are to Flickr, sorry if they dont open for everyone, Ill try to upload some here later, and I’ll add more photos when i get them off the other camera.

Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana in a little more than a week. We sure racked up the miles on the rental car, and on our feet. We arrived in Salt Lake City at 11pm Last Monday after being 4 hours delayed by “maintenance issues” in phoenix. Tuesday I met my younger sisters fiance for the first time, and then headed out on a hike up Mount Timpanogas from the American Fork Canyon side. The hike was up was very rugged and arid terrain, and there was only a little snow on top.
Looking Down from a clif to the car:

Tuesday we headed over to Provo Canyon on the other side of Timpanogos and hiked through the Sundance Ski Area, my new brother in-law works there part time, so he showed us around the place a little bit.

After the hike we headed over to Orem to Sushi Ya which has all u can eat sushi for $20 a person, it was a good deal, because it was really good sushi, not cheap sushi like you get at china buffets and super markets. I also got a Polygamy Porter, my favorite beer in the Wasatch..
For Thursday, and Friday my wife and I took off on our own, we headed up to Jackson Hole (about 6 Hours away). We took the route through Teton Pass, and we stopped for a bit and hiked around on some of the BC Skiing areas. She took pictures of all the wild flowers in bloom, while I ogled the slopes. First things first when we got to Jackson, we stopped at the Snake River Brewery for happy hour. They had a new brew called Guido’s Kolner Brau. I wanted to get one to drink up on Guidos at home for a photo op, but they didn’t have any bottled yet. Next we took a ride through the Elk Preserve, and watched the Bison and there calf’s for a bit, and then drove to Teton Village where we had rented a room right next to the JH Tram House. They didn’t look like they were anywhere near being able to get it going soon, they still were working on towers and had not even hung the new cable yet.
The next morning we were awoken early by the sound of construction on the new tram house, so we got an early start. As usual, 1st stop was Bubbas Barbecue for what I, and all my local friends there think is the best breakfast in JH. There Bacon strips are the best I’ve ever had. We then Drove through Teton National Park to The Yellow Stone South Gate. The Tetons still had a ton of snow, one of my friends had just climbed the Grand 2 days earlier, and said he needed to carry full winter gear.
Once in Yellow Stone we made a bee line for Old Faithful, and the Geyser Basins. My wife had never been there before, and I had not been since being married. Its a place that everyone should see, I always think to my self when there: What did the first explorers to find this area think? The must have been freaked out by the place.
Geyser Clip

It was halfway around the boardwalk that goes around the Upper Geyser Basin that I mistakenly deleted all of our photos on the trip from our new camera. Ugggh! After we toured the more popular geothermal areas, I took my wife to a hot spring that I knew of that was about a mile off the beaten path, it drains into the river in a spot that people had created a hot tub with rocks. The boiling water here mixes with enough river water that you can lay in it, except it kind of smells like rotten eggs.
We had to be back to Provo on Saturday for my sisters wedding, so we left after a full day through the west gate, into Montana, and drove back to Utah through Idaho.
On Saturday all my immediate family was at the wedding except my oldest brother. My younger brother had snuck in some captain Morgan, (which is hard to find in Mormon Territory)and alot of crazy dancing followed. Sunday after waking up late we all (minus the newly weds) took a ride through the Near bye canyons and over the Alpine Drive, which is a road sort of like the Auto Road but 17 Miles long.
On Monday my Older Sister, and my Younger Brother left and went up to her house in Ogden Utah, and My wife and i spent the day with my Folks. First we hiked up to Timpanogos Caves National Monument. It was about a 1 1/2 miles to the caves, and gained about 1100 ft up the path. I was kind of concerned because my parents are not that physically active, but they did great. We took a tour of the Caves, they were pretty neat, and refreshing at 45 degrees inside compared to the 90+ degrees outside. After we hiked down, we drove up through Big Cottonwood Canyon, and Then Little Cottonwood Canyon and we stopped at Snowbird and took the lift to the top.

We saw some moose on the way up:(Ill replace pic  with a less blury one later)

Chips Run had a Snow field that covered almost from the tram to the top of the Quad.
The snow was still pretty deep too. This is where an excavator cut a road through it:

At this point I was dying to make some turns. I would have signed away my first born to borrow some gear. But there was none around. All I could find was a piece of 2 by 4 board that I tried to slide on but did ‘nt have much success. It looks like my season was officially over with my last turns on June 21st.
Sliding Clip 

Tuesday we dropped off the rental and flew home, via a Las Vegas Connection and got home at 2am Wednesday.
As a side point I always try to read a full book when I take a trip.  this trip I read: The Lure of the Labrador Wild.  My friend I usually hike with bought it for me as a gift before I left, because he loved it so much, and I would totally reccomend it to anyone who enjoys non fiction literature about perilous expeditions.

Mt Hale Loop to Zealand Hut Hiking

GPS Odometer= 8.71 Miles

The weather was perfect for a hike in the whites on July 4th.  My friend Matt and I had planned on hiking Mt. hale this weekend with our wives, and everything fell in to place to make this one of the most enjoyable times I’ve had in a while.  The weather was perfect.  Warm, but not to warm, with low humidity. This was the first time I’ve hiked a 4k since my injury, and everything felt great, no thigh pain at all.  The pace was leisurely, but considerably faster than the last time we hiked with the girls.  They did great. we made it to the Summit of Hale in 1.5 Hours.

From the Summit we took the Lend A Hand trail to Zealand Falls.  It descended steeply for the first half mile, but then became a very gradual descent through very pretty boreal forest, and then wetland.  We did not see any other people on the lend a hand trail Between Hale and Zealand Falls.
Lend A Hand:

When we got to Zealand Falls The weather was warm, and the sun was bright, but the water was take your breath away cold.

We then stopped at the Hut.

As always the Baked goods tasted extra good after hiking.  And we were able get some one to take a group photo

And I snapped a few photos of the scenery and critters near the Hut.

The Zealand Trail descending back to Zealand Road is mostly flat and gradual.  (I think I want to come back soon, and try to ride my bike up to the hut, then hike Zealand Mountain, and ride back to the car.  There are very few spots on the trail that I would need to HikeaBike.)  I was enjoying the days so much that, when we were almost back to the road I was feeling dissapointed that the hike was almost over.  I told Matt this, and we kind of laughed about it because, this was very unlike our usual “not a minute to soon” attitude when arriving to the car after our fast paced death march slogs.
When we got home. we played with fireworks. Its legal here, NH is great. Everybody in our neighborhood was setting off stuff.

Surfing small waves

I havent surfed much this season, because its been unusually flat.
Surf was waist high today (2-3ft).  Thats pretty small, pretty much the minimum for a shortboard.  But I still had fun.  My wife tooks some pics and vid.
Cutting Back to the shoulder

Riding the Shoulder

Surf Clip