Mt Hale Loop to Zealand Hut Hiking

GPS Odometer= 8.71 Miles

The weather was perfect for a hike in the whites on July 4th.  My friend Matt and I had planned on hiking Mt. hale this weekend with our wives, and everything fell in to place to make this one of the most enjoyable times I’ve had in a while.  The weather was perfect.  Warm, but not to warm, with low humidity. This was the first time I’ve hiked a 4k since my injury, and everything felt great, no thigh pain at all.  The pace was leisurely, but considerably faster than the last time we hiked with the girls.  They did great. we made it to the Summit of Hale in 1.5 Hours.

From the Summit we took the Lend A Hand trail to Zealand Falls.  It descended steeply for the first half mile, but then became a very gradual descent through very pretty boreal forest, and then wetland.  We did not see any other people on the lend a hand trail Between Hale and Zealand Falls.
Lend A Hand:

When we got to Zealand Falls The weather was warm, and the sun was bright, but the water was take your breath away cold.

We then stopped at the Hut.

As always the Baked goods tasted extra good after hiking.  And we were able get some one to take a group photo

And I snapped a few photos of the scenery and critters near the Hut.

The Zealand Trail descending back to Zealand Road is mostly flat and gradual.  (I think I want to come back soon, and try to ride my bike up to the hut, then hike Zealand Mountain, and ride back to the car.  There are very few spots on the trail that I would need to HikeaBike.)  I was enjoying the days so much that, when we were almost back to the road I was feeling dissapointed that the hike was almost over.  I told Matt this, and we kind of laughed about it because, this was very unlike our usual “not a minute to soon” attitude when arriving to the car after our fast paced death march slogs.
When we got home. we played with fireworks. Its legal here, NH is great. Everybody in our neighborhood was setting off stuff.

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