Sandwich Range Wilderness Hike

North Tripyramid – 4180
Middle Tripyramid – 4140
Whiteface – 4020
Passaconaway – 4043
100 Highest
East Sleeper – 3840
Matt, my friend I mostly hike and climb with, and I had done all of these 4000 footers already but never all on the same day and not from the Kancamagus side, and Josh, my friend I had done the Garfield to Twins 20 miler with last year needed these 4ks for his list.  Matt and I were both less than enthused about climbing these peaks again when Josh asked us to do them with him because they all have pretty boring summits. But when we saw this 20 mile loop on the map that we had never noticed before, consisting of mostly trails unhiked by both of us, and that it had a 100 Highest Peak on it that we needed for our lists we both got excited to spank some new trails.
We got a pretty late start because they had to drive up from RI, and we didnt get moving on the trail until after 10AM.  It starts to get dark now around 6:30pm and We all knew that this meant we would be turning our head lamps on before we left the trail, and that hitching a ride on the Kanc in the dark was unlikely to be successful.
We headed up the Pine Bend Brook Trail.  The foliage was still real pretty, and pretty slippery under foot.

Our First summit North Tripyramid- Not much of a view

On the ridge there was some nice views
Waterville Valley

Looking ahead at the rest of our hike

Next suumit Middle Tri self portrait

I didnt take a photo of the south peak  but I took a pic from the top of the Slide.

We had to hike down the slide to pick up the Kate Sleeper trail.  The first part of the Sleeper trail had been moved recently.  Since the benching into the slope isnt well worn yet it was tiring to walk  traversing the steep fall line.

We saw this Spruce Grouse on the Kate Sleeper trail.  He let us get very close.  We could have caught him by hand if we wanted to.

East Sleeper Summit was on a spur trail.  Matt was so happy to finally bag a new summit he took tree hugging to a new level.

The trail dropped to its lowest elevation near the old camp shihate shelter site it was at about 3300 feet before we started to ascend to Whiteface.  At the trail jct near the summit we mistakenly turned right and didnt realize it until we hit the Blueberry Ledge trail.  Which was pretty stupid considering it wasn’t the first time that we had been on Whiteface.  After Turning around and backtraking we arrived at the Whiteface Summit

Once again a viewless summit, but nice views were not far down the Rollins Tr.

We stopped on the Rollins Path  and had a few

Last summit Passaconaway

Once again a viewless summit but nice views lower down the Cutoff  Path

Its almost exactly 5 Miles from Passaconaway Summit down to the Kanc via the Cutoff and Oliverian Brook.  We hit the road at almost exactly 6:30 it was dusk. From Trailhead to trail head it was 3.25 Miles on the road.  All along we dreaded and assumed we would have to walk this too, but we threw our thumbs up anyways.  Miraculously after a mile of Walking a car pulled over, the driver got out cleaned off his back seat and offered us a ride.  It was a German couple that said they lived on the Cape.  They had been hiking Chocura that day and had mistakenly descended to Rt 16 instead of where there car was parked at Champney Brook on the Kanc.  They figured since they were fortunate enough to hitch a ride back to there car, that they would pass on the Karma and give us a ride.  We were very greatful. It sure beat walking all the way back on the road. and we were back in Lincoln that much sooner for our traditional after hiking Chicken Parm dinner.
We had Calculated on paper that this hike was 17.2miles of trail + 3.25 miles of Kanc =20.45 miles including the walk on the road.  The End of the White track on my Map shows where we got picked up.  We had to subtract about 2.25 miles for the car ride and added about .6 for our Mistake on Whiteface.  I stopped keeping track of time when we hit the road, but the 17.8 miles we spent in the woods started at 10am and ended about 6:30PM including a 20 minute Lunch at the old Camp Shihate site, and about a 20 minute beer break on the Rollins trail.

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