Osceola 2/21/09-Peak Bagging Report

Matt and I needed the 2 Osceola peaks for our winter list, and Josh still needed them for his 48 List.  We made the hike in just a little over 6 hours.  Last time I did these peaks it was from the Tripolli Rd side,
this time we did them from the Kanc, so I was able to cover a little new trail as well.  This was purely a winter hiking trip, but we carried snow shoes, cramps and axes.  The hike from this side is fairly steep, and the snow was really soft and fresh so it was real nice to have the gear vin spots.
Heres a few Photos I took.

Osceola from East Osceola

Looking back at East Osceola

Checking out conditions on the N.slide of N. Tri

I liked the way this pick of Matt and Josh came out:

We only ran into two other hikers, and that was when we were between the two peaks, and we ran into two very tight lipped telemark skiers skinning up.  I figured out where there stash was and would like to try it sometime.
Link to my Photos from the trip on Flickr:

Left Gully – Tuckermans Ravine

I was going to go up GoS today, but was up with a stomach bug all night last night, and 4am came too quick.  I reset the alarm for 6am and felt a little better, and hit the road. I couldnt let the weather for today go to waste.  I got to Pinkham around 8:30 and noticed that the Hillmans, and Left Gully had low danger.  I had already signed in as going to GoS, but went back and scratched it out, and Changed it to Tux.  A big deciding factor was the fact that I still wasnt feeling great, and the Tour with a bathroom seemed a nobrainer.  Embarrassed .
I definitely had a lot less strength than normal, both on the skin up and on the boot up.  The weather was beautiful, and there was virtually no wind.  Here is a link to my photo album:

Here are my two Favorites: