Temple Mountain turns

I  needed to stick around the area this weekend, but that didn’t stop me from getting out for a little tour.
I havent made turns on Temple Mountain Since 2005.  So I thought it might be time to visit some of the old stomping grounds.  I went to high school in the next town over from Temple, so needless to say I spent a bunch of time on this hill when I was in High School.
Temple was a long time ski area lasting from 1938 – 2001. And now it has become a state land reservation, and sadly the trails that are such a huge part of the regions heritage are growing in.  Hike up there on any given saturday in the winter, and you will still find somebody making turns up there.  Yet, nobody has made any effort to at least preserve one of the trails for skiing.
As I skinned up I still remembered all the trail names:

My favorite a trail that you had to bushwack to get to the top of named Wapack. Named after the Mountain Range, and hiking trail that runs along its side:

Currier: ( I have an old trail sign to this trail in my basement)

While at the top I skinned over to the east side to see if there was anything left of the Maki ski trail.  Maki was another of my favs.  It was pretty much always closed, but it was tight and winding  like a classic new england ski run should be.  Maki was grown in, but the Old Trail sign was still there,  No Doubt left there out of respect for its name sake.

After that I skinned up to the true summit of the Mountain before returning to the Top of the ski area, back at the old lift station site I met a couple of snowboarders, that were interested in checking out the splitter.  We talked for a bit, before making the descent.
My Gear at the summit:

I then headed down the old slopes, through the perils of brush, and breakable crust.  I stopped and took a picture of home about half way down.
The Uncanonucs from Temple:

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