Single Track with Jon

I cant say publicly where this stuff is, but the more I search the more I find. I live in a Single Track paradise.  I need to take my gps with me or I get lost cause there are so many junctions and trails to explore.  Sometimes its just fun to just go and have no idea where your going to come out.  Thats what Jon and I did last friday.  We just rode and kept making random decisions at junctions, and came out on a road on the other side of town.  Jon is a super good mtn biker.
Sorry little mouse:

After doing volunteer construction all day friday we biked about 15 miles of single track in the evening, and then woke up saturday morning at 6:30am (below 50 degrees made for a chilly ride) and put 37.5 miles on the road bike before going back to do more volunteer construction work.  It was a busy weekend.

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