Hiking with Jules and Jerm 9/19/09- Osceola

Pano from Mt Osceola 9/19/09

Yeah I know this is my 3rd TR for Osceola in 2 years, but hey, its one of my favorites.  The last few times I’ve gone hiking in the whites the weather has been pretty wet and windy and the views were limited.  Saturday was the total opposite.  I went with my brother in law and niece, this were # 4 & 5 for her 4K list.  She runs cross country and had been having some injury problems lately due to he quads not keeping up with her growing so I was assuming she would not be able to do both peaks, but she didi great and bagged em both.
With her dad Jeremy at (one of my BC cronies)

With me near summit of Osceola

Summit of East Osceola

The morning started out chilly, but the sun warmed things up nicely and the views were incredible.  We left from Tripoli Rd side it was in the 40s in the parking lot and when we got above 4000’ it was in the low 30s.  The trees had rime on them from the clouds the previous night.

Between the two peaks the trail goes through a really fun chimney climb we had fun scrambling around on the rock for a bit
Looking down from the top

Looking up
By the time we got back to the Osceola summit for the second time things had warmed up a lot so we hung out in the sun for a while.  I have a collection of photos of me hanging my foot over high cliffs and I wanted one here. So she took one.  It came out to be the best one I have to date.  She did a great job on the photo:

I also took this shot in attempt to get the same shot from last winter.  I would like to find a free program that I could create an animated morph with them???

It was a real fun time we did the 8.5 miles in and a lot of slacking in about 7 hours.  We then stopped at the Woodstock Brewery for some grub, and then on the way home we stopped at the 93 south rest stop to do some bouldering.  By the time I got home I was beat, we had some friends visiting from Germany and I wasn’t to motivated to go back-out again but It was fun and I’m glad I did

A friend of mine made this animated morph for me of the pics I took.

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