Monadnock 10/10/09

I went up Mt Monadnock with Emily and Eric and Corrina.  The foliage was incredible, and so were the crowds.  We went to the State Park entrance.  There were so many people that it litterally seemed like there was a continuous line top to bottom on the white dot and white cross trail.  We took the white cross trail up and it was pretty annoying dealing with all the people.  The summit was pretty socked in.  Temps in the 30’s and winds in the 40’s.  We didnt hang out long up top, and came back down the pumpelly to cascade brook. there were a few others, but for the most part we were alone.  That trail is probably at least a mile longer but I still think it was faster than waiting in line.  The Pumpelly ridge was beautiful. 


One thought on “Monadnock 10/10/09

  1. Mount Monadnock this time of year is absolutely great with the autumn views. My brother and I just hiked up on Columbus Day weekend and we purposely avoided the White dot/white cross trails as I new they would be too crowded. Apparently 80% of the people who hike Monadnock go on those two trails. We opted for the longer Pumpelly trail which in my opinion is much more scenic and certainly less crowded.

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