Mt Washington Hike 12/25/09

I love not celebrating holidays.  While everybody else was doing the christmas thing my friend Tim picked me up at 4:30 am and we were on our ways to a beutiful day on the Rock Pile.  When we got to Pinkham we were in the clouds and the fog was freezing on everything. By the time we got to the Lions Head winter route we were already above the clouds.

For the rest of the day the atmospere stayed inverted with it being cold and cloudy int the valley, and sunny and warm at higher elevation.  The undercast was neat looking because it looked like the valleys were lakes and the mountain tops were islands.

As always the Lions Head winter route was a burner, but once we were above tree-line the rest of the day was a walk in the park.

I thought this shot came out neat, looking at the line of cairns going towards boot spur.

The summit was amazing.  Bluebired, literally almost tee shirt weather, and the summit fox was out and about.

I wasnt going to feed him, but one of the residence at the observatory was like “we do it all the time” so I was like ok: Vid:

Mt Washington 12/25/09, originally uploaded by surf88.

The descent was really fast.  The snow was very firm wind slab, so we left our crampons off until tree line, and were able to standing glissade alot.  It was really fun.  When we got to tux there was a couple guys hiking up for a ski.  I wondered if I knew them?  Maybe.

I took the opportunity to do my favorite trick on Lions Head.  My quads were so tired from the standing glissading I had a hard time balancing on one leg.  It took a few attempts to get this shot.

The undercast was slowly getting higher throughout the day, and at 2:30 when we dropped below tree line on the lions head winter route, we were also entering the clouds at about 4500 feet.  The rest of the climb down, which on the winter route can be sketchy in places, was cloudy cold and the fog was freezing on everything. Some friends of mine that were skiing at cranmore said they were in the clouds all day.  I was glad we were able to spend most of our day above the clouds.

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