Mt Cabot 12/31/09-1/1/10 ~Ten and Done!

For the 10th and last consecutive December 31st Matt and I headed up Mt Cabot.

We left the trailhead around noon, and we were followed by Paul, Clif, and Tim who started hiking up about 45mins behind us.  The trail was not as well packed as usual and was alittle slower than usual and we arrived at the cabin in 3 hours. 

We left at noon hoping to be able to drop a bunch of gear at the cabin and then continue on past the summit and try to get The Bulge and The Horn.  These two peaks are both on the NE 100 highest list and are only about  1 1/2 miles past the Cabot summit.  We had hoped that our timing would put us on The Horn right at sunset.  The Horn has one of the best views in the whites.  We got to the summit of Cabot at 3:15 right on schedule
On Cabot for the tenth time:

To our suprise for the first time the traill wasnt tracked out any further than the summit.  We tried to post hole, but the snow was just too Deep.  We never bring snow shoes for this hike cause its always well packed, but yesterday we wish we had.

Mt Cabot 12/31/09-1/1/10, originally uploaded by surf88.

We post holed for about 1200 feet down the trail before giving up and turning around.  We then went back to the cabin and got there just as the rest of our friends arrived.  I then turned around and accompanied them the 1/2 mile each way back up  to the summit from the cabin.  For the first time of the day the clouds and flurries lifted and I got a peek at the sun, and a little bit of a view.

The wind stayed calm and the temps stayed in the 20s for the rest of the night.  A balmy 40 degrees warmer than last years trip!
Its been a fun tradition to wake up in the same place the last 10 January 1sts in a row.  The best part about it is, that it has really been the only constant in our lives.  Both of us have changed lifestyles, jobs, ect. alot in the last 10 years, and at times its been pretty much the only time we’ve seen each other for a year.  But it was cool to know that no matter how much had changed over the course of the past year, we would return to our roots and wake up in the same place on January 1st.  We are definitely going to do something next year that involves our wives, and maybe after a few years off we can come back up here again.  I have mixxed feelings about ending the tradition, but in any case the last 10 1/1’s have been an experience I wouldnt trade for anything in the world

A little nonsence I videod in the cabin:

Mt Cabot 12/31/09-1/1/10, originally uploaded by surf88.

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