The Rock Garden. (Day 13 on Snow)

Been Sick for the last 3 days with a bad head cold and cough, but felt better today. Conditions on the mountain are really good right now, but rain is forecasted fro tommorow night, so I figured I better get out there while its still good. Jeremy picked me up, and it was a beautiful day for earning turns on the Mountain.

We were able to go down a home grown trail called The Rock Garden. This trail is a steep pillow line that isnt usually filled in enough to go down until later in the year, but it was good today. The shot of Jeremy coming down the rock garden (1:13) is one of my favorite pieces of footage I”ve filmed yet. I wish I had shot it with my video cam instead of the cannon digi cam because it would have been much better quality.

3 thoughts on “The Rock Garden. (Day 13 on Snow)

    • Sorry M@, I should of invited you, I should of invited my friend Eric too, it was a great day, but I was still pretty sick that day(hence the not great turns by me in this vid) and I was pretty much making my self go before the thaw came. Hope all is well with you.

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