Ammonoosuc Ravine 4/8/10 (Day 23 on snow)

What a difference 5 warm days makes. I headed back up to the West side again today with Jeremy, and found more skinning than we did turns.  We got to the cog around 8 and there were no other cars around,  when we got back at 2:30 there were still only employees cars there.  We had the whole side  to ourselves.  When we started skinning up it was misting.

The infamous sign

The trail had alot less snow and alot more open water than on saturday.  We made 2 water crossings that were sketchy. and decided not too make a few that blocked our access to the goods.
We attempted to first go up to monroe brook, the place I skinned up on saturday was now all blown-out full on river, we skinned up the side as far as possible but couldnt make it any further than the water fall, which is really frusturating cause its only like another 200 yds from there to the bottom of the slide path. We turned around and found a sketchy undermined snowbridge over the brook which we took.  we skinned towards the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail and linked up with it pretty quick.  We followed it to the Ravine

We poked around  for a while trying to find a snowbridge across the Ammo river to get to the skiiable side but couldnt find a safe crossing or snowbridge.  Just a lot of avi damage

Our only option now was the Ammo Trail. we skinned up it and found another sketchy brook crossing below Gem Pool. We threw our gear across and hopped across the underwater stepping stones.  The skin from gem pool up was steep.  We took it all the way up to the last brook crossing below lake of the clouds and that was as far as we could go.  The brook was flowing full force, and there was a 6 foot vertical wall of undermined snow on each side where the snow bridge had been.  It was not within either of our risk tolerances to attempt to cross.  We poked around and tried to find another way up on our side of the brook, but found nothing.  We were beat!  We did find a nice steep glade that paralled the trail, so we rode that back down until it got too tight.  Then we made survival turns, and side slips back down the trail. Crossed the brooks again, and skiied back to the car.  One funny, (scary for a second) thing that happened was I tried to olie some open water on a streamlet that crossed the trail and fell in.

My play by play of what happened
It was one of those days that just didnt end up working out the way it was supposed to, but it was still great to be outdoors, and nice to not see another soul the whole time.

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