Pemi Loop in a day 6/19/2010

Heres a lightly edited (pretty much just dampened some wind noise and removed some dead air) version of the video I took on our 33 mile hike.

Clifton and I made this 32.3 mile hike in 16hrs 40mins over 9 official NH48 4K summits Heres most of my summit shots
Summit Shots and times

Summit Shots

Liberty-5:00am (my obligatory favorite trick shot)




#6 Galehead-11:30am (Solo No Pic) Sad
South Twin-12:45pm



Fly Fishing Trip 2010 Androscoggin River

Fly Fishing
On thursday night Jeremy asked if I wanted to go up to the Androscoggin river in Errol NH for this weekend. I quickly said yes and headed up after work on friday. I shared a tent site at Mollidgewock State Park with James, caught a ton of fish and had a bunch of fun. This was my best fish of the weekend. I Caught this trout on a Mosquitto, Dry Fly. It was about 13 inches big. I usually catch and release but he swallowed the fly pretty bad, so I ate him.

Moose, originally uploaded by surf88.