NH Coast in a Day 7/17/10

My GPS tracks:  GPS odometer=20.2 miles

Something I’ve always wanted to do is follow the 18 miles of New Hampshire coastline.  I started at the mouth of the Piscataqua River yesterday AM at low tide, and finished my trek to Salisbury MA in 7 1/2 hours.  I dropped my digi-cam in the water  Angry while crossing a little inlet so I dont have any photos, but I took a solo vid.

Gps info: 

My vid I shot of my adventure.  Its a little long.  And the quality is not great oh well.

Surf 7/11/10

Surf was up today so Emily and I went to the beach.  The Waves were chest high ground swell and had alot of deep power, so they were really easy to paddle into.  I had a ton of fun rides and it was great to get a few photos.  After I was done surfing we left the scene that is “the wall” and went up the coast a bit to rye and had some Petey’s Punch and chowder.  Then Got rained on at rye beach so went south to Clif and Vanessas beach in Salisbury.  They joined us and it was nice.  Emily and I both got really bad sunburn.  Awesome Day!

This First pic emily got of me is my favorite

Monadnock 7.5.10

monadnock 7.5.10 , originally uploaded by surf88.

I had the day off from work today, but Emily did not, so I went for a training hike today. I normally avoid coffee on the morning of training hikes, and alcohol on the eve of hikes that I’m going to be pushing pretty hard. I broke both of these cardinal rules for myself on this hike and was really feeling the consequences on this 90+ degree day. I made it up the white dot to the summit in 59 minutes, and back to the car in 40 minutes. 

Acouple clips I shot to help remember my times: