Monadnock 7.5.10

monadnock 7.5.10 , originally uploaded by surf88.

I had the day off from work today, but Emily did not, so I went for a training hike today. I normally avoid coffee on the morning of training hikes, and alcohol on the eve of hikes that I’m going to be pushing pretty hard. I broke both of these cardinal rules for myself on this hike and was really feeling the consequences on this 90+ degree day. I made it up the white dot to the summit in 59 minutes, and back to the car in 40 minutes. 

Acouple clips I shot to help remember my times:

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  1. Hey dude, what’s up its chris, the hitchhiker you had picked up with my girlfrend on the kank, dude from new bedford ma. Just wanted to say hello and I just checked out yur pics! Good job on the loop!! That’s took me and my buddys 3 days to do! Lol !

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