Mt Washington Solo Hike 8/7/10

After resting my leg for 3 weeks  due to a stress fracture,  I was pretty restless and no longer wanted to follow the 4-6 weeks of rest recommendation from the doctor, so I decided to go for a hike.  As many times as I have been up Mount Washington and have skied and snowboarded in Tuckermans, I had never ascended the Tuckerman Ravine Trail without there being any snow.   Usually I avoid this route because of the traffic in the summer, but I really wanted to climb it now for some reason.  It really is a beautiful Trail:
 Getting to Pinkham:


When it looks like this it’s hard to imagine that we ever slide down this on skis and boards

Looking back down from the top

At the Summit

Looking towards Monroe and Lake of the Clouds

Views Descending Lions Head

Tux from Lions Head

 I stopped and played with the Red Squirell at Shelter 5 on the way Down.  I played with the same one for a while when I stayed there in May.  I wonder if he recognized me.  He ate out of my hand, but didn’t trust anybody else who tried it while I was there

My leg felt great for the whole hike.  I made it from Pinkham Notch to the top in 2 ½ hours, and I took 3 ½ to come back down gingerly.  The green was pretty, but I hope to see this area white again soon.
*Note- I used a Disposable Film Camera for the pics cause my digicam was broken.
The rest of my photos

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