Powder Day at Pats Peak 1/12/11

Wednesday morning I got in my car drove 1 mile down the road in blizzard like conditions before I heard on the radio that 93 was a parking lot.  I thought to myself “what am I doing going to work today? This is stupid!”  Before I knew it I had turned my car around and  around and called in.  This wasnt going to be a work day, it was going to be a Powder Day.  I called up Jeremy and Jules and we headed up to Pats Peak.  It was as epic as a a small ski area can get, but with the right company more fun than I could have had anywhere else in the world.  By the end of the day over 20 inches had fallen on the hill and it was all dry powder. The only low point of the day was that when I went to use my good camera I found the battery was dead, so all my photos and vids were shot with a cell phone.  Undecided
It was looking pretty sick when we got there, and it just kepts puking snow all day after this pic was taken.


Jules Video Clip

Jerm Video Clip

Me Video Clip

Gear Review: Still Loving the Columbia Omni Heat.  Temps were in the teens, and winds over 20mph all day but I stayed nice and warm, and dry!

The rest our pics from the day are available in this Flick Album

Flickr Set Pats Peak 1/12/11

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