N. Unc 1/17/11

Had the day off for MLK today and Clif came over for a little tour on Unc.  Clif haddent really ever toured before and had borrowed an old pair of Atomic touring skis with silverettas on them, and he used his Koflachs. I rode the Icelantic nomads.  Temps were below 20 most of the days keeping the powder dry.  We found a bunch of powder, and made some fun turns.  We are expecting 5-10 inches of snow here tommorow, but its expected to be wet and heavy with some possible mixxed precip.  So it was good we played in the dry pow for the last day of it

Heres a pic of Clif skiing

and apparently this is me skiing(Clif stinks at taking pictures)

We took one run down the back side from the summit, and then drove around to the front side and took a run down the Guido Ski Trail. The weather could not have been more perfect

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