2/3/11 Storm

Locally we received about of a foot of fresh snow this week. Fortunately the precipitation stayed frozen for the duration of the storm, the rain snow line got pretty close to So NH but we only got a little dry sleet near the end of the storm.  The mountain had considerably more accumulation than my house, the deep dense maritime style powder made low angle stuff turn my snowboard into a submarine.  But the steeper stuff was a ton of fun.  We have such a deep base now that rocks are no longer an issue anywhere on the mountain. Heres a few shots and vid clips Jeremy and I got while up there.  I was field testing a flip video camera for this TR and realized afterwards I don’t have an editing program that supports mp4 video format. So I wasnt able to turn this footage into a edit product 🙁


This last one I had to include.  Its of Emily out playing in the snow.  She’s adorable 

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