Concord Quarry on Bikes

I went for a ride with Jon yesterday evening.  We put down 7.76 miles on the trails near his house in Concord. We climbed a nice section of switchbacks that took us up to an old quarry site:


Some of it was narrow tracks through tick infested brush, like pictured above.  And some was a little more technical.  But in general most of the trails were rocky rooty single track.  There were a few features that it took us a few tries to ride cleanly. 


All I had for a camera was my phone, so my pics aren not very good Sorry.

Here is my track and stats:

Start: 08/05/2011 21:46

Finish: 08/05/2011 23:42

Duration: 01:55:34

Distance: 7.76 miles

Min Speed: 0.03 mph

Avg Speed: 4.03 mph

Max Speed: 29.07 mph

Avg Pace: 14:53 mins/mi.

Min Elevation: 246 ft

Max Elevation: 828 ft

Total Ascent: 2850 ft

Total Descent: 2827 ft

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