Cannon and Kinsmans 6/18/11

Saturday I met up with Clif and Lee at the Lafayette Place Campground Parking area and we hiked 12 miles and bagged N.  Kinsman, S. Kinsman, the Cannon Balls and Cannon.  I havent been on this ridge since 2007.  This is the third time I’ve hiked all these peaks and was only able to redline one new trail, but this area is always a nice place to be.
When we first started hiking it was pouring so we put our rain gear on, but it soon after stopped and for the rest of the day the fog and humidity slowly burned off, so that by the end of the day  views were nice. The trails we took were Lonesome Lake Trail, Fishin Jimmy Trail, Kinsman Ridge Trail, and Hi-Cannon Trail

On such a hot and humid day it was neat to see some ice under a rock on the side of the trail

N Kinsman

From the lookout:

S Kinsman

Cannon (from the tower on the summit)

Cannon’s summit was not as busy as usual, so we headed over to the tram station and got a couple of Cannon Ales from the Bar.  They were nice and cold and hit the spot. We then descended from cannon back to Lafayette Place via the Hi-Cannon trail this was the only section of the hike that was new to me.  I found a nice cliff to do my favorite trick on:

The Hi-Cannon trail was actually a pretty tough descent with steep grades, loose gravel, slick roots and lots of switchbacks.  One spot had a pretty sketchy deteriorated ladder you had to down climb. Near the bottom we missed the link on the trail that reconnects you to the lonesome lake trail and after starting to ascend again we realized the mistake and decided to bushwhack south using my GPS, since it showed we were only about 300 feet away from the lonesome lake trail instead of back tracking to find the link.  As we got back on the Lonesome Lake Trail for the final descent it the weather got bad again and it started raining and thunder drew close.  We were on the same section of trail we had last seen rain that day.  It was as if this was the only place it had ever rained all day.  Clif and Lee and I went separate ways when we got back to our cars.  They went home and I headed north to meet my wife and her family at Attitash where we would spend the weekend.

Our GPS Tracks

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