My First Hike Ever. – Mt Olga Wilmington VT 8/6/11

Emily and I went to Wilmington Vermont this weekend for a little car camping.  We stayed at Molly Stark State Park.  Molly Stark is the nicest campground I’ve ever stayed at. 

Mt Olga is part of the State Park. Mt Olga is the first mountain I ever hiked. I lived about a mile away from this mountain for most of my child hood. I would hike this mountain with my parents regularly, and it’s where I learned to love hiking.  From the top of the Mountain you can clearly see the property I grew up at.

This is not a very big hike a little under 2 miles round trip.  My Stats and Tracks:
Sport   Hiking
Start Time   Aug 6, 2011 11:13 AM
Distance   1.77 miles
Duration   44m:48s
Avg Speed   2.4 mph
Max Speed   6.5 mph
Calories   189 kcal
Altitude   1779 ft / 2336 ft
Elevation   538 ft ↑ / 616 ft ↓

The trails on Mt Olga are real pretty with gentle grades. Trail conditions were dry and it was obvious that a lot of recent trimming back of under growth had been done

The summit sign:

On top of Mt Olga there is an old fire tower:

I’ve slept in this tower once on a winter night when it used to have most of its windows.  Most of its windows are missing their glass now, so it probably gets too filled with snow to sleep in these days.

Where I slept

The view from the tower is beautiful.   It always impresses me when I visit how Vermont is so much greener than New Hampshire

I love coming back here to visit and hope to come and stay here again with Emily and some friends in a couple of weeks.

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