England and Wales with Emily

Emily and I flew over to England on 10/1 and spent 5 days staying in London England and 4 days in Cardiff Bay Wales.  We stayed in motels for this trip, but we only used public transportation so we packed lightly carrying everything we needed in backpacks.  London was neat and we pretty much did all of the touristy stuff.
The first day we were there we went to Madame Tussauds it was fun but we were dissapointed that Lou and Andy from little Britain were not there anymore.  We still got some fun pics:

The tube station for Madame Tussauds is at Baker Street.  Emily and I are both Sherlock fans so we liked the tiles in the station.  We also stopped in at 221B

The next day we took the tube to Westminster Station and saw Big Ben, Parliment, took a ride on the London Eye, and then we walked around the whole perimeter of the Buckingham Palace fence which was like 3 miles.

The london eye

The Queen was home

Our third day in London we went to The Dr Who experience. It was fun to see all the stuff from the show.

The fourth day we boarded a train at Paddington Station to Cardiff.  We really fell in love with Cardiff Bay.

We both had to stand on “the spot”  from the show Torchwood.
The next day we took the train down to Barry Island which is on the Ocean.  Barry was very pretty

I climbed the sea wall.

We wanted to get up into Brecons Beacon national park but the closest we got was Merthyr Tydfil at its south end. We couldnt find enough info ahead of time on the internet to figure out how to do this but  now that we know that we could have taken a bus from Merthyr to Brecons next time we will get to go hiking. Merthyr Tydfil was nice

I even found a place to do my favorite trick:

on the way back from Merthyr we got off at Queen Street in Cardiff.  This part of Cardiff was really busy but with lots of shops. We saw this on the street:

And checked out the Cardiff Castle

We spent our last night in Cardiff Bay had brakfast down at Mermaid Quay and then packed up our packs and took the train back to London and hit the pub for our last night. . 
In London for our last day we didnt fly out until 6 pm.  So we headed over to Covent garden to see the street performers

This performer was our favorite.  He wanted to talk politics with everybody and was keen to talk to us when he found out we were americans.  He was funny.

We flew out at 6pm as scheduled.  The flight back was slow taking about 1 1/2 hours longer than the flight there(7 1/2 total), and the row in front of us was full of really bad kids with parents that didnt care.  It was nice to finally land but I wasnt quite ready to be back home yet.  We were done with England but we wish we had been able to spend some more time in Wales.

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