Mountain Biking and Cheering on Clif

Ghost Train Rail Trail Race
I wanted to Run this race with Clif but I strained my back at work last week and am not quite recovered enough to run yet so I went for a nice ride on my Mountain Bike to go visit and cheer on Clif while he attempted the 15 Miler.  I rode my bike the length of the race coarse one way and here are the Tracks:

This trail is really nice, one of the prettiest rail trails around because most of it is fairly secluded unlike most rail trails that run right next to roads.  I caught up to Clifton who was running the race when he was about 3/4  done.  I took some Pics of Clif.  The official race was out and back about 15 Miles total. Clif finished in 2hrs 51min Results

A short section of the race was on the road.

Finish Line

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