Early Turns in Southern New Hampshire

Sunday Morning I woke up early to 16 inches of fresh snow in my yard.  It was full on winter and it was still October!

I shoveled the wet heavy snow out of my driveway and headed up to Tipping Rock Field to make my first turns of the year. Tipping Rock was a clean slate

As I strapped my board in I got a call from work and I was needed to come in and help manage the emergency caused by massive power outages in the town I work for.  I took one quick ride down the hill and then booted back up in a rush not taking anymore pics to my car and headed to work.  I spent the next 30 hours managing the chaos the storm had left behind before getting a chance to get back home.  I set my alarm when I got back home at noon on monday and woke up 3 hours later to play in the snow.  I was not going to miss out on this one!  I hiked up my favorite backcountry spot.  First I hit the east side which is a little steeper but was still too rocky up high to go top to bottom, and then I hiked all the way to the summit and rode the north side top to bottom

A little vid I shot

Ski conditions (not bad for October in Southern NH)

I went back home got a few more hours of sleep and went back to work for a twelve hour shift at 10 oclock pm.  Tuesday Morning I caught a few hours of sleep again and then headed up to Tipping Rock field again.  The field was a little more tracked out now from sledders but there were still freshies to be found.  I made 4 runs before going home and finally getting some proper sleep.
A little vid I shot of the 2nd run:

Run 1

Run 2

Run 3


It was nice to actaully get a full nights sleep and wake up at my normal time on Wednesday morning and work a normal shift.  Wednesday was warm and we had a lot of melting, but I figured I try to squeeze one more session in after work before it was all gone.  I hiked up to the summit with my rock board on my back  and took a ride down the north side linking patches of snow by riding over bare spots.

Conditions (sorry its blurry it was getting dark when I took these)

Wednesday was the last day of turns for me as the snow melted fast, and now my next turns will probably be on crappy man made snow.  This unusual storm was trully a treat.

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