Mt Moriah Hike 12/3/11

This started out as a trip for me to redline the Carter Moriah Trail between Gorham and Moriah cause I have pretty much the rest of that trail except that section.  After tossing the idea around to a few friends I had company for the hike. Paul Tim and Marnie made for great company at an enjoyable pace.  We saw few other people on the almost 10 mile out and back hike, and encountered conditions that were more like you would expect in October than you would in December.  The sun shined bright, temps were in the 30’s and the sky was clear.  The trails had only a dusting of snow on them and traction was only needed up high on the rock slabs.  The only thing that reminded us it was December was that the sun went down early. The Hike started with a walk down Bangor Street from the parking area to the trailhead Trail Conditions going up:

The Old Man’s Beard was out of control Mt Surprise had a nice view of the Presis on the way up. After Mt Surprise the trail got a little more slick in spots.  This section realy required traction.  I threw on my microspikes.

The view from the summit was amazing The crew at the summit minus Me Plus Me The weather stayed nice for the descent and except for a few slips on the ice here and there the walk downhill was nice.  We got down with an hour of daylight to spare. GPS Tracks and Stats:

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  1. That was a lot of fun!! Looking forward to Dec.25th on owls head and an attempt on a winter presidential traverse. Just need to gear up for that one.

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