Mt Monadnock 1/2/12

Jeremy picked me up at 6 and we headed to Monadnock.  The roads between home and Jaffrey were super slick with black ice.  Twice we came around corners and went into a skid.  A little stunt driving by Jeremy and we avoided taking a swim with his truck in the Piscatoaqua River.  We got to the old toll road just as the dawn was breaking so there was no need for our headlamps. We made quick work of the toll road making it to the old halfway house site in 20 minutes.
Trail conditions were a mix of rock and ice on the white arrow trail.  About 1/4 way up the trail we ran into Paul on his way down from his sunrise on the summit hike.

As we ascended above treeline conditions got a little more tricky with a light coating of rime on the rock slabs that wasnt always visible.  We both had traction with us but route finding was kind of fun so my m-spikes stayed in my pack. (wheres waldo)
There was even a litlle snow patch, we should have brang our skis to make a few turns The summit was pretty chili with the winds at over 30 mph We were alone at the summit until right before we left when a couple more people showed up. It also started to snow a liitle right before we left.  The slick descent was even more tricky than the ascent but we still left our traction in our packs and were able to avoid becoming human plinko chips.  The whole trip took us about 3 hours and 15 minutes.  My battery died on my gps near the top on the way down so the track is incomplete but shows the whole White Arrow Trail’s Path

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