Pilot Mountain State Park 1/14/2012

Emily and I went down to North Carolina to visit Jake and Jenny.  I was hoping to explore some peaks while down in NC but didn’t have a lot of time to take off for an adventure.  I got a great tip from Amicus on Views From the Top to go check out Pilot Mountain.  On Saturday Jake and I made the 2 hour drive to Pilot Mountain and went for a little hike around the peak. Pilot Mountain State Park
Our first glimpse of Pilot Mountain from the highway The access road brings you to within ½ of a mile of the summit.  From there it is a relatively easy hike to the little pinnacle and the big Pinnacle of the mountain.  A little more strenuous of a hike would have been more fun, but the 1.1 miles around the mountain was all the work out I was going to get on this trip. We first went up to the little pinnacle which had nice views of the main peak. And a good place to do My Favorite Trick I didn’t do a lot of research on this place before going, and I was disappointed to find out when we got there that there was not a route to the top of the big pinnacle.  I think they don’t want people up there because this peak is important for raptors that are migrating.  We didn’t see any raptors while we were there, just lots of vultures circling above.  There were “no climbing” signs everywhere so I just did a little scrambling not “climbing” I found a less technical route that I know I could have climbed up, but didn’t think I could safely down climb so I only went about 20 feet up it before coming back down.

There were lots of neat features in the ledges around the mountain which made me curious how it was formed? Jake This was a very unique peak and it was fun to visit even though you are not allowed to climb up to the summit.

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