Cardigan / Firescrew Peak 2/11/12

We went up to check out the ski trails on cardigan today.  Goodnews: There is plenty of Base, Bad News: it is all boiler plate crusted.  Since skiing didnt look very fun we took our sleds with us and hiked the Manning Trail up to Firescrew, it was snowing on the way up, but it didnt amount to anything.  We had lunch in the snowfield above the ski trail  and then made our descent on our sleds.  We are normally Backcountry Skiers when we come to this  hill and we would not normally take sleds down a ski trail because we wouldnt want to posthole the ski surface, but today that was a non issue.  No postholes were made in the making of this film. The crust supported our weight just fine. I wanted to try out a new editing program I got that works with AVCHD video so I put this trip in to video format. Check it out in full screen, much better quality than my old vids!

THis pic of Jeremy crashing on his sled is my favorite pic I took today.  Ditching the sled was an attempt to slow down before flying off into the woods, and he did end up in the woods bouncing off trees.  Hence the look on his face.

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