Hillman’s Highway 3/20/12

Today was an absolutely beautiful day on Mt Washington.  Jeremy and I Started up the Tuckerman Ravine Trail about 8:30 this morning and it was already T-shirt weather.  All day stayed sunny and warm with blue bird skies.  The Tuckerman Ravine Trail was spotty for the first Third so I put my split snowboard on my pack, But after about a mile I was able to switch over to skinning and  I didn’t need to take my boards off until we reached bottom of the slide path on Hillmans Highway.  On the way up Jeremy talked to the snow ranger at Hermit Lake who indicated that Hillmans would be our best bet in the Tuckermans Area today. The boot ladder was in very good condition as Jeremy and I climbed up to the Top of Hillmans Highway. Normally this time of year the snow corns up from the freezing and thawing cycle of night and day.  But it wasn’t really corn today because the temps have been above freezing for the last 3 days straight.  Conditions were more like deep mashed potatoes.  Jump turns were necessary most of the time to change direction.  We took a run down Hillmans and were both pretty sun baked at that point.  The John Sherburne Trail was in Pretty good shape for the first half then it got a little more spotty, but surprisingly  I was able to ride it to the last crossover.  Jeremy skied it to the bottom picking his way through the grass and rocks.  When I got to the parking lot there was an old man that was pointing up to the mountain seemingly being grumpy with his wife for wanting to stop and check out Pinkham.  I overheard him say as he pointed “They walk up there… And they ski down”(in a grumpy old mans voice) He then turned around and walked back to the car ready to go home.  I chuckled to myself to think that our day long adventure could be summed up in such a short matter of fact way.  But then I realized he was right.  For a Trip Report: Maybe I should have just posted a picture from Pinkham and said “we walked up there and skied down.” The End.

Going up

Summit and East Snow Fields from the top of Hillmans Going Down

2 in a Row on Snow. Ragged Mountain 3/1/12/Cannon Mountain 3/2/12

Day 1- On Skis
I had to go into work this morning to take care of a few things but I was all set to leave by 10:30.  I threw my gear on in the locker room at work and hopped in my car for a white knuckled ride up a snowy and slushy Interstate 93 and a very icy Rt 4 to Ragged Mountain.  Jeremy and Jules were already there and I joined them at about 12:30.  I took the fat skis today and they were a fun choice.  They floated nicely in the boot top+ pow.  We skiied mostly on the trails finding little pockets of freshies here and there.  After Jules was done for the day Jeremy and I ducked a rope, and traversed through the woods over to a glade that was totally closed.  We were rewarded with first tracks.  We went back for seconds, and then thirds.  We came out of the woods on our last run to find the lifts stopped for the day and the patroler doing his final sweep was below us.  We were also the last ones off the hill.
 A little film Jerremy and I shot in the untracked glade

 Day 2- Snowboarding

The Tram from the top and bottom

I probably would have been better off if I had gone back to Ragged again, but I was able to get into Cannon for 1/2 price with my public employee discount.  Conditions were pretty firm everywhere on the mountain once all the powder got skied and blown off.  I hiked up the ridge to Mitti.  The Mittersill Lift was spinning for the first time in a while, this was actually the first time for me on the Mitti Lift.  I found some freshies over on Mitti, but for the most part conditions over there were pretty thin cover, and I christened my new board with a few gouges.  After coming in for a Cannon Ale at lunch time I spent the second half of the day lapping the front 3, (Paulies, Zoomer, and Avalanche) mostly Avalanche working on my technique on steeps.

Mittersill Chairlift

Mittersill Chairlift

Cannon Summit