Skatutakee and The Thumb 4/15/12

On sunday Jeremy and I were free to do a little hike.  We both wanted to go west and Skatutakee Mountain in the  Harris Center Preserve in Hancock NH looked fun.  Our Hike was about 5.3 miles round trip, and it took us 2 1/2 hours.  Trails were nice, they were well maintained and well blazed with only one blow down that needed crawling under. Tracks: Skatutakee Mountain Summit View Thumb Mountain Summit Plaque on summit of Thumb: Looking back at Skatutakee Hiking these small mountains in the Monadnock Region is fun.  Theres still a ton more of them that I’ld like to check out

Mt Washington 4/14/12

I met Tim at Pinkham Notch friday evening around 7 and we hiked up to Hermit Lake.  Pack weight up to the shelter was about 45lbs With 2 packs on, one with camping gear and one with winter hiking gear. Wind blew pretty strong all night at the shelter, I wished I had brought a bivy bag to block the wind because my 20 degree bag wasnt quite cutting it at times even though temps were not that low. But for the most part I got an ok nights sleep by wearing my down coat inside my sleeping bag.  We woke up with the sun (not sure what time). After a little breakfast we started up the Lions Head summer route in winter conditions. The slide path crossings were loaded, dry and slabby.  Conditons like these are why there is a winter route that avoids avalanche terrain, but it has been closed for the season.  Once above tree line winds were pretty brisk, when I got home and looked at the MWOBS website it said they were in the 60 mph range while we were up there.  We didnt see any other hikers on the ascent, or at the top.  We summited about 9:30 and hung out in the wind blocked entrance for a while to refuel. Before leaving we went up top and snapped some pics with the summit sign before heading down.  Our first other hiker we ran into was about 1/4 mile below the parking lot while descending. By the time we got to treeline there was a steady flow of hikers ascending, including an interesting women who was using some sort of pick axe gardening tool as an ice axe. The descent from lions head down was very wet and mushy as temps had climbed and the sun was intense.  From treeline down we were in T-shirts for the rest of the day.


Tux Tim Rime Ice on Splitrock
At the Summit: Sharing the entrance with a pickup truck: Tim Me:

Summit to City on Mountain Bike 4/7/12

Emily dropped me off at the top of South Mountain Saturday.  I rode trails most of the way back to town, stopped at home to refill my water bottle, and then rode the Goffstown Rail Trail to Manchester.  I stayed on the south side of the river after the ice rink which was a mistake.  The trail dead ends at the baseball fields, so I had to ride through the city a little bit to find the rail trail again.  Emily picked me up in Manchester near the ficher cats stadium.  Total 16 miles

I took some video