Kayaking and Wilderness Camping 5/25-26

TR Written By Emily:

After sleeping in a bit on Friday (May 25th) I got up, made breakfast, we packed up our camping gear and our kayaks and headed out about 10am off to Silver Lake in Harrisville. As we turned our last corner just before our destination I could tell this was the place we had been studying on Google maps for weeks. Before we started to unpack we checked if there were any signs that said “no overnight parking”, we were safe, there were none. There were some big burly fishing guys loading their boat, they were in a tizzy about something so we went over to see a water snake with a beautiful diamond pattern on his back, he was too quick for me to get a picture of oh well. We packed up our kayaks finally and and headed off to our secret camp site on our own island. Jan hadn’t been there in over seventeen years, so he was a bit nervous about what it would be like after so many years. We made a B-line for the island because our boats were very heavy and the water was a bit choppy. I did manage to get a couple of shots on our way out. We made our way to the island without incident. We had a little trouble finding the place where we could pull our boats out of the water, but we did find it. We pulled our kayaks out of the water and set up camp in the hobbity forest(as Jan would call it). We had a look around the tiny island and found some cute and not so cute critters and some ladies slippers and different lichen, shrooms and moss.

Jan and I went back out for another paddle around before dusk. Jan caught a couple of small mouth bass, which he returned to the water. Getting real hungry now, we decided to pull up the kayaks for the night. Jan fired up his Jetboil and cooked up some ramin noodles and some eggs which i had hard boiled the night before. I didn’t eat mine together but Jan did and he said it was amazing, I’m going to take his word for it. We had also brought some hard cider, which we decided later that next time we definitely would have room for more on our next trip. NomNomNom After dark we played some cards and fell asleep to the cooing of loons. So amazing! We woke up about 7-7:30 and promptly packed up everything and headed back to shore. I was nervous about motor boats making waves and sinking us. Jan took the pictures on the way back. We made it back to shore and their was a man there checking boats for milfoil. He said to us “Wow your out here early” to which I replied “Yeahhh, we are” He asked which waters we had been in blah blah, we packed up and went home… but not for very long, it was gorgeous out and we weren’t ready to put our kayaks away yet. So up to Weare we went, to Mt. Williams Pond. It’s a spring fed cold water pond. If there wasn’t a coat of pollen on the water it would have been super clear. Jan got some more fishing in and I took more pictures. I’ll only share a few here, you can see the rest on my Flickr, if you wish.

Tall chicken Headless diving chicken… This chicken popped up right next to me and I was lucky to have my camera ready. This is by far my most favorite picture of the weekend. This weekend was so amazing. We both got burned and it was well worth it.


Cinco de Monadnock 5/5/12

Decided to stay south today since I was going to be hiking in the clouds no matter where I went this morning.  I headed up Monadnock.  White Cross up and White Dot Down.  Rocks were very slick from the recent rain.  I even slippped when I was going a little faster than I should have been on one of the big steep slabs and bloodied myself.  Crowds were not too bad today for this side of the mountain.
Summit(64th time for me up here)

I took my fly pole with me and tied a few flies and whipped the water in Blood Brook in Wilton on my way home.  Had a few hits but didnt catch anything.