Renegade Playground Stratton VT

Emily and I went to Stratton VT yesterday and I ran the race.  This is a “tough mudder” type of race with lots of mud pits and obstacles to climb over under and through.  This was the course map.  It was about 3.25 miles long with a lot of up and down elevation on the ski slopes. My Time was 44 mins. They released groups in 20 minute start waves, by about 1/2 way through the race I started to catch up with some of the people from the previous start wave.  On one of the obstacles I got stuck behind  a very slow lady from a previous start wave  where we had to crawl through really stinky mud for 100 feet.  She took forever! and there was no way to go around her. Emily took some shots of me from down below.  And hopefully I’ll get more photos later, because they had photographers at some of the obstacles.

Pre Race Trying out my wig  :D Race: (The Girls in Pink kept the same pace as me for almost the whole race)

The race finishes off  by running through a school bus and jumping into a big mud puddle.  I made it a grand finally. Emily shot this in burst mode and I made a animated GIF out of it

I was covered in mud after: (Huh? I always thought I would be better looking with more hair)
I spent the rest of the day getting mud out of my eyes and ears.  Emily and I took the long way home so that we could check out how much flood damage there was from Irene in my old home town of Wilmington VT.  It was amazing to see how high the river had gotten.  We stopped to eat at Wahoos  and the table we were sitting at had a plaque on it saying that it had been recovered from a tree 1.5 miles away after the flood.  Emily and I did a few other fun things before heading home. It was nice to take a shower and get the stink of the mud off me when I got home

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