Mt Waternomee Hike to Bomber Crash Site

On saturday Jake, Jenny Juliana, Emily and I hiked up Mt. Waternomee to check out a piece of history.  In 1942 a B-18 Bomber crashed on the side of the mountain in a winter storm.   The story can be found here. The Hike was 4.6 miles round trip. Juliana and I decided to hike Barefoot for this one. Our Tracks: The trail follows an old logging road for about 1 mile before ending in a field.  The path from the field to the wreckage is pretty clearly marked with survey tape and orange arrows painted on trees.  It was easy to follow. Grades are gentle until you cross the brook, and then it is steep the rest of the way.  Not far upstream of the stream crossing there is a really pretty waterfall that is probably best visited on the way out.

Stream Crossing:
Photos of the wreckage just dont convey what it is like to see how catastrophic this crash must have been. But here are a few shots any ways.  This debris was scattered over a large area.

Jewlz with an engine Wings: A Star from the wing Landing Gear: Unrecognizable wreckage:
Team Tarahumara: (not recomended for visiting a place littered with metal shards and glass, we had shoes with us)
After we did some exploring around the old wreck we had lunch, and so did the Mosquitos. Bug spray wasnt enough to stop those guys. We then hiked out the way we came with a little bit of variation to see the waterfall.  The whole trip was about 4 hours long.

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