Mt. Waumbek via Starr King Trail with Emily

Emily and I woke up at 4:30 this morning and headed north. After stopping at Peg’s for breakfast, we drove to Jefferson and Hiked up Waumbek.  We were the first car in the lot, and saw few other hikers the rest of the day.  It had rained all night last night and everything was wet. It was so humid on the way up that we joked with another hiker that we might as well swim to the top.  It didnt get any less humid either because when we got to the top of Starr King we were in the clouds.  The Hike up made for some neat pics:

“The Burl”

Starr King:

I took a little side trip to see Paul’s Bench With it being so humid and wet there was a ton of slugs on the trail.  For a game  I started counting near the Well and counted 93 slugs between there and the Summit.
With no views on Starr King we headed for Waumbek. Waumbek Summit: When we got to Waumbek the sun was just starting to burn through the clouds, and it started to dry things out a little, we hung around for a bit eating trail mix and hoping that the Grey Jays would show up.  Emily has not had a chance to play with the Grey Jays before, and part of my choosing this hike for today was because the 3 times I’ve hiked this hill already have included visits from the Grey Jays.  But not today, Sorry Emily for getting your hopes up.  The hike down was uneventful, and there still wasn’t a view when we got back to Starr King.  The bottom mile of the trail was pretty muddy, and the Mosquitos and Deer Flys were pretty aggressive.  It was nice to get back to the car. As we drove south out of Jefferson I looked behind us to see the sky clearing around the Mountains.  No Doubt there was a nice view on high now that we had come down.  Although we didnt get any views or to play with the birds today it was still beautiful to be in the moss carpeted boreal forest listening to the birds sing, and it was also very lovely to be with Emily.

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