Mt Monadnock 7/14/12 – That’s Hot!

Emily was going to her grandparents to work on something with her grandmother today so I went along and snook away up to Monadnock for a hike since we were nearby.  It was super hot today with temps in the 90’s. And everything was super dry. All the normal places with mud and vernal pools were all dried up.  I went up the White Dot and came down the White Cross.  For it being so hot I made pretty good time, I could have pushed a little harder but I was scared of overheating too much.

It was hot everywhere, and even in the shade it didnt seem to be any cooler.  The summit was pretty much dead calm as far as the wind was concerned so no relief there either.  I made it from car to summit in 1hr 4min.  The summit had the population of a small city:
I made pretty good time getting down, and the White Cross trail on the way down was pretty low on traffic which was nice.  The whole hike round trip took 1hr 57 min.  After going back to pick up Emily and visiting a little with Meme and Pupup, we headed to Peterborough and went to Harlows Pub, and then to EMS to pick up some supplies for a little something epic I’m planning.

-PS This was Monadnock Summit #65 for me

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  1. Hello There,

    I saw your post on VFTT about Pulpit rock (would have replied on that site but I’m not a registered user). I live in Bedford and last winter embarked upon a quest to find Indian Rock (which turns out not to be much of a quest, nor does it live up to the legend). Anyway, if you want the beta on it, shoot me an email.


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