The Roof Pawtuckaway 9/20

Tim and I met up after work yesterday and hiked into Pawtuckaway for some climbing.  We set up the top rope on the Roof again.  Feeling a little stronger this time than I was last time, I really wanted to take another shot at it.  This time I made it to the roof on both attempts and as I was coming around the overhang had issues with the rope getting stuck in the vertical crack.  On my second attempt I pulled the rope out of the crack and then put my hand in.But when I leaned back and put tension on the rope it slipped back into the crack and pinned my hand in the crack with all my weight on the rope.  It felt like someone was stepping on my hand, as I peeled off the rock. 2 attempts and I failed to top out, but at least I did a lot better this time than last.  Tim had a little trouble with the first move this time, which made me feel better about not being able to get the first move last time we were here.  And then he had issues with the rope getting stuck in the crack too, but his persistance paid off and he was able to top out.  Next time we need to set up our rope in a better spot to keep it out of the crack.

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